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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Health benefits of tea: Prevents diabetes

source : shareably.net

After understanding the health advantages of a cup of tea, a study finds that drinking tea will stop polygenic disease.
It is as a result of natural plant compounds in tea leaves might block the absorption of sugar within the blood.

The findings, appeared in Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition, indicated that polyphenols — natural plant compounds that are found in tea — considerably cut back the number of glucose in adults, United Nations agency got sucrose-laden drinks simply before.

Researchers claim that by consuming tea, it helps to smooth out spikes in blood sugar levels that are triggered by snacking on sweet treats.

Dr Tim Bond of the Tea consultative Panel said, “After water, tea is that the second most ordinarily consumed nutrient within the world and this new analysis adds to already revealed studies that counsel that it's smart for health and upbeat advantages.”

“In effect, these polyphenols looked as if it would lower the Glycaemic Index — the relative ability of a carbohydrate food to extend the amount of glucose within the blood — of the sugary drink,” Bond added.

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