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Thursday, 27 July 2017

benefits of castor oil


The  castor oil contain antimmelphhetary and antibacterial properties. Over the years, castor oil is used in many households and in many cases it is called as a medicine for all sorts.  castor oil is also healthy, it is also good for the skin and also for hair.  castor oil is warm, hot, greasy, delicate, talkative, and crisp. People are bored because of smells in them. Do not spoil the grains of wheat and rice for 12 months by keeping with  castor oil. Many of its advantages are below..

  • Reducing the weight of the glasses and reducing the heat of the brain benefits from washing the  castor oil at the bottom. also  castor oil increase the brightness of the eyes.
  • Castor oil is best for constipation. Castor oil is excellent for children, aged and pregnant women. It keeps the intestines blushed.  You can also take a teaspoon of castor oil before sleeping at night and it is easy stool frequency at morning. 
  • If the head is painful or if you have a cold, it is beneficial to put hot oils drops in the nose.
  • Cured patient consumes daily castor oil . Due to this the Cured die. 
  • If the feet get scratched, make a paste of castor oil in the scrap.
  • Add castor oil to the head oil. So that the hair will be long, black, and the brain will get strength.  
  • This is excellent for moisturizing the skin. If you apply it before bathing and stay half an hour then the skin will be wet.
  • It will be dark if you put a  castor oil on ibro every day to darken ibro. 
  • Also Helpful in arthritis diseases. 

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