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Friday, 28 July 2017

benefits of jogging with dog

If the elderly are advised to go with dogs in their prescription drug, their activity may increase. This has come out in research by the University of Cambridge and University of East Anglia. According to the researchers, keeping dogs in the house or accompanying them increases the decrease in physical activity decreasing with age. They also inspire the elders to get out of the house in bad weather. Because of this, their mood remains good and health also improves. Two groups were formed for this study. A group of 3,000 elderly dogs were formed in the house, while a group of dogs who did not keep dogs on the other hand were formed. In the meantime, all were given accelerometer (a small instrument for measuring physical activity level).

Free for a week

Researchers said that the elderly were left for a week by planning a necessary arrangement. They were monitored on what they did during this week. After one week all the physical activity was verified. The results were very shocking. Researchers say that compared to our expectations, people who had dogs were more active than 30 minutes in an average day. Dog Walkers Not prefer to stay at one place as well as are more active.

Generally, as a person grows up, their activity decreases. Apart from this, laziness among the people in cold and rainy seasons increases. People prefer to sit at such times. Do not happen with dog walkers. According to the study, even in this environment, dog walkers live more than 20% more active. The results of this research were published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. Researchers say that if you do not have a dog there is no problem in carrying a neighbor's dog. Moving with the dog provides relief in many diseases, including breast and intestinal cancer.

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