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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Find out this simple way at home that honey is a genuine or sugar syrup

Honey is very beneficial for health. In some problems, honey is also used as medicine. However, if a person is regularly consumed without medicine, many problems can be avoided. However, before using honey, it is necessary to know that honey is true or sugar syrup only. If mixed honey is used then benefits can be damaged instead of benefit. It is extremely easy to know that the gotten honey in the market is real or fake. Find out how to make this test you too.

Testing in the water
Take a glass of glass for this test and add one teaspoon of honey to it. If the honey is clean then it will sit under the water, but if it is adulterated then it will be absorbed into the water.

Makhi will tell which honey is right
If the fodder that flies out and flies in a few minutes, then the correct honey. If the flies are caught in it, the honey is not clean.

Honey test from glass plate
If it spreads on the glass plate, it is called impure honey and if it is only a little longer, it is called a clean honey.

Clean honey test in cold
Clean honey grows in the cold and melts in the heat. When the adulterated honey remains the same at all times.

By Rooney Wat
It can be a true honey even if it burns without roasting it in a honey without burning it without sound.

By white clothes
Take a white cloth. Take a little honey on this wardrobe. Clear with water a little later If the honey is clean then the stain will not be on the wardrobe and if it is impure the honey will be dull.

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