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Saturday, 15 July 2017

How to eliminate cancerous tumors

Influenza virus is infected only when the body's immune system is weak. However British researchers have claimed that this virus can be used to treat cancer.

The researchers have also experimented with patients with lever-advised cancer. These were patients whose surgery was not possible to remove the liver. When no other treatment seemed to be effective, researchers used common cold for viruses. Flu viruses were produced in the laboratory by injection into the body of patients with lever cancer.

However, researchers claim that this experiment was somewhat successful at first glance. Treatment for liver cancer has been on experimental basis for almost a decade, which is not very effective in hand treatments for patients who have been exposed to cancerous liver; When such patients were given flu viruses, they found very severe cold symptoms, of course, because of their cancer The tumor was reported gradually decreasing. Researchers say. If a large number of flu viruses are inserted in the cancer patient's body, then they reach every cell of the body. With hemoglobin cells, it also goes into cancer cells and calls for its nutrients. This type of treatment is still at the clinical trial stage.

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