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Saturday, 29 July 2017

How to reduce belly fat with special diet plan?

Every body has a desire to remain on the body even after 40 years of age.Women are doing aerobics, yoga, gym exercises, etc. for thin body and waist. But do you know that the biggest source of weight loss or thinning is on the food? The food is the biggest factor in the body weight gain.

Those who are worried about increased weight, keep the following tips in mind. Keep these things in mind if you do not get too much weight and this will also reduce your risk of getting diabetes, BP, heart disease.

  • Using foods in foods that contain protein, fiber, and low fat content.
  •  Avoid Excessive Meals
  • Include chlorine in the meal.
  •  Have a habit of walking after a meal every morning and evening.
  •  Drink 10 to 12 glasses of water a day during the day.
  •  Strain to drink warm water instead of freeze cold water.
  •  Do not sleep at lunch time.
  •  Do not drink water while eating. Doing this reduces digestibility and increases weight.

Increase the use of green-vegetables and fruits in everyday meals. If you use citrus and juice fruit in the fruit too, the result will be seen faster. Do not use sugar if there is drinking fruit juice. Keep chocolate and coffee as low as possible. (sandesh)

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