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Monday, 17 July 2017

How to Solve Problem of Acidity at Home

Acidity, stomach acidity, constipation, etc., surrounds the body. However one of the reasons behind this is that this problem occurs due to excessive eating. So, if you have to remove the stomach problem then these household remedies are best for you.

Ginger contains anti fungal and antibacterial properties, which keep the body away from many types of infections. Ginger is the best for cure. Ginger is beneficial by heating and milling on gas. Taking the dry ginger powder with milk also provides comfort in stomach pain.

Apple Vinegar
Often acidity or an infection can cause stomach aches. You can use Apple Vinegar for this. However, consuming apple vinegar with water will ease the stomach out of the abdomen.

The use of yogurt gives the body coolness. Irritated when acidity occurs in the stomach. Due to the intake of yogurt, the stomach relaxes.

Water releases the toxic substances of the body, allowing the stomach to remain clean. Thus, when drinking stomach pain, drink hot water can rest.

By consuming mint, the stomach constipation is removed. For this, boil dry mint leaves in hot water and drink twice a day.

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