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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Time for men to bust beauty facts

The quest for wanting fabulous isn't simply the domain of ladies as each the genders should look their best. Amidst all the effective aid routine, it's usually tough to inform the distinction between the myths and facts, however fret not. New York-based celebrity skin doctor Kiran Lohia and Ankit Khurana, corporate executive and Founder BeYouPlus, associate degree aesthetic app, have shared beauty myths associated with men:

fact 1: Chest shaving is nice.

Reality: A vacant chest could be a massive affirmative, however, chest shaving could be a massive no. It not solely offers you rashes however encourages quicker growth too.

fact 2: Aesthetic treatments are a girl’s thing.

Reality: You are mistaken as from facelift to blepharoplasty, there’s been a huge boom in the number of men choosing to go under the knife.

fact 3: Men don’t have to be compelled to wash their skin, it's oily anyway.

Reality: It’s a wrong notion. while not adequate association, your skin can overcompensate by manufacturing additional oil, leaving you with clogged pores and breakouts. take into account shopping for serums, gels and liquids rather than greasy ointments or creams.

fact 4: Body soap is that the best way to wash your face.

Reality: Your body soap is drying out your skin and not during a great way. Since body soap is harsh, you're creating your face drier, a lot of irritated and a lot of seemingly to induce allergies or perhaps skin infections – even skin disease and zits.

fact 5: Men don’t want shaving gel or cream to shave.

Reality: Dry shaves don't seem to be the thanks to go because it causes the skin to be dry, rough and irritable. What’s the most effective option? Use a mild cleansing lotion, apply it to the world, then shave the hair within the other way.

fact 6: Men got to wash their face a minimum of 3 to four times daily to urge eliminate skin’s greasiness.

Reality: after you overwash your face, you create your skin dry, signal the oil glands to supply even a lot of oil than it absolutely was creating before. Then you wash it once more, and the oil glands get excited once more. never wash your face over 2 to 3 times daily with a hydrogen ion concentration balanced formulation.

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