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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

what you mean as a hippocampus?

source :sandesh

Our brain has a temporal lobe, part of which is the hippocampus. This hippocampus is the brain library, where every information is stored. Now understand the example, who wrote the book in the library, is fictional or based on truthfulness, etc. is arranged with reference; For this reason, if you want to find a book from this book, you can easily find it. This hippocampus also stores any memories with its reference. This reference is from the experience of the senses; Such as the thing seen, heard, the intense thing or the toughest thing. We remember any thing with its various references; As we went to the garden, we experienced the greenery of the green eye, the floral scent taken by the nose, the birds with ears and other sounds. Each of these experiences we have done with different types of senses. And according to its experience, it was stored. Although not the only one of the senses, different senses here experience together and the experience is stored together. If you have seen a movie like this, then its memory is seen in both the storage and the thing heard. That's why when you see a picture of a hero or listen to the famous tunes, you remember the movie in both the conditions.

The way the hippocampus are stored in store is a temporary store. Making the memory permanent makes the job sleep or say that the process is done when a person falls asleep. When a person sleeps at night, the brain decides what to remember and what to forget. 

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