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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

yogurt can be consumed at night harmful for health

Yogurt is very beneficial for health. Yogurt has a nutritious element that is beneficial for health. But the Yogurt should be eaten at the right time. According to one report, the day is right for eating Yogurt. Yogurt can be harmful for health at night. Bacteria in the Yogurt is more beneficial for health in the day instead of night. Know, about the loss of eating of Yogurt at night .....

  • If there is any swelling in any part of the body, you should never eat a Yogurt at night. This will increase swelling instead of less.
  • Eating Yogurt at night creates problems in digestive action. Need to burn energy to digest it. At night, most people are going to sleep after a meal. This is why the pain begins to grow.
  • Eating Yogurt at night increases the chances of infection in the body, causing problems like cough and cold.
  • Avoid consuming them at night if you are worried about joint pain. This can increase the pain rather than decrease. 

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