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Friday, 4 August 2017

Health benefits of green onion

If you like some green onions, some people do not like it. On green onions we have as many healthy benefits as we would not think. Green onions contain more amounts of antioxidants, which prevent cells from spoiling. It reduces cholesterol and maintains BP, also has sulfur, which helps in keeping heart diseases away from us, contains vitamin-C as well as vitamin-K, which plays an important role in strengthening the bones.

There is also antibacterial and antiviral properties in green onion. It reduces the risk of fever, flu, seasonal fever due to its intake. Vitamin-A is rich on green onion leaves, which increases the incidence of eyes.

With this, let us tell you that sulfur is rich in green onions, in which the element called Ally Sulphide is essential to protect against stomach cancer. Many research has shown that due to onion sulfur, it can be considered as a help in controlling sugar. It helps in increasing the amount of insulin in the body. Onion consumption is beneficial for gastrointestinal problems.This makes digestion easier as it contains fiber.

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