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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Stop to Eat this 10 things in hungry stomach? Best Advice by Expert

There are many healthy foods around us, but we should be careful about the time and quantity it can eat or drink. If a diet is taken at an inappropriate time then it is very harmful to the body. In the body, a gland is released from the hungry body, which increases the amount of acids, and in this case, any food that is contrary to it can cause acidity or other problems like it. Know that you are also harmful to such hungry people about such things.

The soda has carbon acids and it can harm the body if it gets hungry in the body acids.

If the tomatoes are eaten by hungry, then the gastro-acid contained in it also mixes in the body's acid, which is harmful. Sometimes the chances to increase the stones also increase

The doctor always advises taking some medicines after eating. The reason behind this is that if the medicines are mixed with acid in the body, it can damage the body.

Alcohol is a waste of health, but those people who have been allowed to drink in the form of alcoholic beverages as well as those who drink alcohol are also dangerous for the body.

Spicy Food
Spicy food is a favorite of everyone, but if the pungent and fried food is eaten in a very hungry way, it spreads acidic reactions in the body, causing harm to the body.

The thing that is most dangerous for hungry is coffee. Coffees in the coffee can fire the body. If you ever have to drink coffee from a frozen or even hungry, then drink a glass of water first and then drink coffee.

Similarly, tea also damages the body as it hurts the stomach. Tea contains high amounts of acid, which can disturb our whole digestive tract.

You may be surprised to know, but if the yogurt is hungry, it is also harmless. There are also some good bacteria in the curd, which benefit from the drinking of wheezing in the stomach, but the curd does not hurt when it is empty.

If hungry banana is eaten, it leaves magnesium in the stomach. Because of this, the amount of calcium and magnesium in the stomach imbalances, so it is imperative to not eat bananas.

Sweet potatoes
Sugar also has gastric acid, which increases the amount of acid by taking it completely, resulting in inflammation of the stomach.